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Florencia Rodriguez

Brainstorming tricks to get your creative juices flowing


When brainstorming for a design system name, I recommend starting with buckets. These buckets are different topics that will provide you with a structure. When researching names, buckets I have selected in the past include purpose, function, cleverness, creativity, to name a few.

A Design System layout of components

Laying the foundation with ethos, pathos, & logos

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Part 3 — Setting the foundation

The foundation

What makes your design system strong, in my perspective, consist of the following:

Part 2 — Let’s get into the planning

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Part one — A useful guide on best practices & insights from first-hand experiences.

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Florencia Rodriguez

Hi! This is Flo. I am a UI/UX Designer, specializing in Design Systems, Interface Design, and Art Direction. I am based in Berlin, Germany.

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